Keep Your Trees Healthy With a Pruning Service

We want the trees in Raleigh, NC to thrive

If you want to keep your trees or bushes neat, pruning is the way to go. By removing dead branches and leaves, pruning adds shape while preserving the plant. Instead of attempting this task yourself, let Raleigh Lawn Care handle your lawn maintenance services. Our team will make sure your trees and hedges complement your property.

If you're in Raleigh, NC and need pruning services, call now. We take care of trees up to 15 feet tall.


Maintain the shape of your hedges

Do you have unruly hedges taking over your lawn in Raleigh, NC? Overgrown branches or a misshapen design can make your lawn look tacky. Invest in professional hedge trimming services to keep your hedges in good shape.

Visit the Our Work page to see examples of our hedge trimming services in Raleigh, NC.